Delegate Representation & Participation

The council members are carefully selected to represent key stakeholders and industry representatives, including corporate executives, government officials, academicians and industry luminaries.

To ensure global representation, delegates are invited from each region-the Americas, Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA), Japan and China. The council is comprised of approximately 20 delegates.

Council members' participation is a function of the value they provide to the council, and the advocacy that their participation provides to their constituents. Certiport believes that each delegate will both receive and provide the following benefits to the organizations they represent:

  • Computer Literacy Standard: Delegates will shape and define an emerging, vendor-independent, global standard for Internet and computer literacy.
  • Global Perspective: Delegates will share regional needs, insights, and trends from the regions they represent that will influence the content of the standard.
  • Professional Credential: Delegates will benefit professionally from the status and recognition that will accompany being a member of the global digital literacy council.
  • Market Insight/Perspective: Delegates will benefit from being exposed to the results of the market research as well as the collective expertise represented in other delegates and in the validation process.
  • Peer Association: Delegates will establish relationships, interact and network with influential leaders in the computing literacy market.