Past Council

Certiport, as the host of the Global Digital Literacy Council, convenes a new council biennially as a means of keeping the standard fresh and relevant.

Past council members have included professionals, academics, and subject matter experts from a wide variety of industries, academic concerns, and government agencies and regions.

Past Council Members

Helen Barrett (ISTE)
Jeanann Boyce (ACE)
Bill Crumm (ACT)
John Ebersole (Boston University)
Shelly Funderburg (Manpower)
Hiroshi Kawai (Tokyo Metropolitan Commercial High School)
Pete Saflund (NWCET)
Simon Banks / Mary Bennett (OCR)
Choon Heong Lim (NICC)
Jonathan Dalton (The Learning & Skills Council, UK)
Astrid Flowers (eSkills UK)
Russell Klein (Utah State Office of Education)
John Haber (First Advantage)
Anuja Dharkar (Adobe)
Guizhi Ding (Tianjin Professional College, China)
Richard Edwards (Edwards Training)
Michael Evans (ITcert solutions)
Julia Fallon (Washington State Public Schools)
Anne Hamilton (Microsoft)
Professor Tan Haoqiang (Assoc. of Computer Fundamentals China on Higher Education)
Dr. Don Knezekm (ISTE)
Ben Knight (City & Guilds)
Julian Luke (Independent Consultant)
Marie Lee (Cengage)
Joyce Malyn-Smith (EDC)
Duke Mossman (Northeastern Utah Educational Services)
Takumi Nakano (Toyota National College of Technology)
Dr. Wail Omar (Sohar University, Oman)
Claudia Toledo (TechnoSapiens)
Lynedon Van Ness (State of Hawaii)