Signing and Ratification of the Global Standard 3

The Global Digital Literacy Council has committed years of hard work and dedication to the creation of standards for digital literacy. The Council has been in place since 2003 and has met several times throughout the years to define relevant skills and knowledge necessary to be "digitally literate" in the world today. As technology changes, and the needs of workplace and academia evolve, it's important that the standards for digital literacy keep pace with those changes. For this reason, the Council forms on a semi regular basis to review, update, and ratify changes in the Global Standard for digital literacy.

Other assessments and certification programs have had broad geographic reach, but without a rigorous development process and psychometrically validated review of testing measures, those programs fail to qualify as true objective measurement standards that can be confidently applied across a school district, an institution, or a country. The IC³ certification on the other hand, is the product of rigorous well-documented development processes, with psychometrically validated analysis, combined with a consistent delivery platform and data management system.

The development of the IC³ Global Standard is an ongoing process. Each new standard requires approximately 9 months of research, with data collection from 400+ subject matter experts from over 30 countries and final ratification from the members of the Global Digital Literacy Council. By going through this rigorous process it ensures that IC³ Global Standard is not only current and relevant, but a true global digital literacy standard.

The establishment of the Global Standard is just the beginning. Because technology, and the functions it facilitates, is constantly and rapidly changing, only a system that includes ongoing assessment and updating can continue to provide relevance and value. By applying the same rigorous development process already proven in IC³, the Global Digital Literacy Council can quickly and effectively develop new IC³ standards. The program's rolling-development cycle ensures that IC³ will always be a valid, current, and relevant tool for measuring proficiency in the latest key technologies for school, work and life.

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